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Nov 17, 2013 5:49pm EST
-- this was the guy who is now president, barack obama. and a few years later, we had former president bill clinton. and i was interested in the fact that the college taped the stuff, audio and video. and so i wanted to compare the transcriptions. in the case of clinton, they -- the clinton people sent us a copy of what he said. and then the college made a transcription from just the videotape. and they didn't match. they weren't really far off, but they didn't match. because he didn't say exactly can what was written in his speech. he did what most people do, and he ad libbed some. he probably ad libbed a good deal. anyway, it was -- what you could see is that if you're trying to get the exact text, what did he say, precisely, i know what he said, i've got his own speech! where did you get it? from his headquarters. not a good idea. so -- one of the things that wasn't in the written speech that i thought was unfortunate was that at the beginning of his speech, he made some informal remarks, which were complimentary to one of my books. and i thought that belonged in this book. and i wa
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1